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If you are looking for songs, I have lots.






A singer for a modern ‘Kinks’ type band.
There is a market right now for a band doing personal, social and political comment
songs, that are a summary of our times - a zeitgeist.
I've selected 30 songs to kick start the project - many of them
have a humorous element.

Here’s a taster:
I've multi-tracked these demos, which I sing myself so
the original tune can be heard.

Until The Next Time A Man of Words
The Right Thing To Do The Modern Life
Somebody's Daughter Just Be There
Rich Kids Playing Safe is Dangerous

If you are a singer or band and this project
interests you, contact me and I'll send you a demo CD and more information: 

Here are some Lyric Extracts
Until The Next Time   She’s learned her lesson, she’s not signing up to love again soon
Now she knows the banks foreclose, they don’t ask questions
They don’t care who did the dirty on who
They just want their money, all they care about is money
They don’t care if you live or die
Theirs is not to reason why
Your cry for help means nothing to them
They just want their pound of flesh

The Modern Life   Food is full of chemicals, governments full of clowns
Doing the dirty work for the big boys in town
Money moves around the world chasing newer slaves
God gave up religion, moved into the stock exchange.
Rich Kids  

Rich kids living off the fat of the land
Rich kids taking it all for granted
Rich kids they know that daddy’s always there
Rich kids pick up the phone and the cheque will appear
They’ve got the smile, that says they know they’ve got it made
From the cradle to the grave, you can’t mistake ‘em,
I hate ‘em, I hate 'em

A Man of Words  

He's a modern politician, a master of his craft
He's got a Ph.D. in doublespeak
Never been known to give a straight answer
You'll never know what he really believes.

Playing Safe is Dangerous  

I used to worry that things wouldn’t work out right
And I was right, they didn't
I used to think I couldn't live without you
Did everything I could to make it all nice

The Right Thing To Do  

Harry Patch left a legacy
We still went to war as we do usually
Harry said war is a waste of time
Mr. Blair said it’s alright, God is on our side
It’s the right thing to do
The right thing to do


      I'm setting up an Independent Production Company with a Pro-Tools Studio for singers or bands not already signed - this could be for the Kinks' type band. I'm also involved with filming and can produce promotional videos for our own productions, and that puts the company in a strong position for marketing and selling on the net.



    I was in the music business a while back, then took a rather long break and lived a few different lives, with the result that I now have a catalogue of 300 songs of all types and a library of instrumental music - it's a long story [too long to tell here].
    I write in all styles, except hip-hop and rap - I'm essentially a tunesmith with lots of catchy songs [not just my opinion]. Many of these songs are also short stories with meaningful lyrics.
Please give me a call, or send a demo of yourself, and I'll see what songs might suit you.

    I want to work with people who are ambitious and want to go right to the top. 
The majority of my songs are in a style that could be described as a mixture of rock, pop and soul and I could keep a Simply Red type band going for years. There are also country rock and reggae numbers.

Here is a random selection of songs - no order or priority, again me multi-tracked

1. Mr. Makebelieve 
2. I Got Lucky
3. Love Isn't Waiting
4. Don't Know How to Say Goodbye
1 - 4 Vocals/Rena
5. As Long as You Love Me
6. One Law For All
7. Christmas Like
8. When The Party's Over
9. Back Among The Living
10. Got it Bad
11 - 24 Recorded on a Portastudio
11. Fly Away
12. Funny Old Life
13. First Prize
14. Volcano
15. Friday Night
16. This Can't Be Right
17. The Couscous Song
18. You Have The Right
19. Not For Anything
20. Please Help Me
21. Not Me
22. Love Is More Than This
23. The Right Kind Of Love
24. Why Would I
There are many more ballads to be recorded and posted

I also have a library of instrument music – here are a few examples:

 Ramp it up Streets ahead
Kites Departure
Cool It Cellars
Good for me Bit of a turn up
  These extracts demonstrate my ability to create in many different styles. I have written to demand for several local films, rehearsal bands, a marionette show in France and other situations.
I will always come up with something melodic or appropriate, to enhance visuals, either for stage, film, TV, adverts etc. These pieces are unpublished and available


      In my teens and early 20s I was an amateur musician whilst my career was in business management [UK & Canada]. I started writing songs during that time, and as more appeared I decided to quit the business world to see how well I could write, if I gave it my full attention. So I became a songwriter - my second career.
       I went into the music business having written 70 songs at that time, but it wasn't the right time for me. So I took a rather long break doing all sorts of jobs, living in different places and that resulted in all these songs.
     Some jobs that I did - sound engineer, gigging musician, ice cream man, warehouse work, lorry driver, carpet cleaning, builder/stonemason France [6 years] - plus short stints as a cook, on a road gang, driving instructor, progress chaser, painter/decorator, and others. These experiences plus an interesting and varied personal life, have produced these 300 songs. Many people relate to the songs saying that they are often the stories of their lives.
     In some of my songs you will hear a jazz influence because that was where I started
with a small combo in my teens. Other influences? Too many to list.  These days I have a 24 track digital studio based on a Roland 2480, with a Motiv 8, DX7 and other sound sources,
processers and guitars.
     I also write short stories, poems and film scripts; and last year a novel. I am an original member of Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, and have been involved with health and environmental
issues for a long time. In recent years I've been involved with local film making,
producing documentaries for community projects.

For my film activities see: